Adhering to The Federal Trade Commission Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires the disclosure of any relationship that exists between one who endorses a product and the manufacturer or service provider of the product when writing a review about the product or service. Following are the guidelines that Bellroys adheres to:

Bellroys is not paid to review products, and certainly is not paid for reviews that are not our own opinion.

If there are links to dog related products in our pages or posts, there may also be affiliate links. We do receive commissions upon the completed sale of some of our referred links. Examples of companies we have affiliate relationships with: Chewy, PetSmart.

We will never write a review on a product that is not true or what we believe to be true.

Any commissions received as a result of our promotional efforts will not impact opinions on a product. If, through research and/or use of a product proves to be a benefit to the end-user, we will promote it.

The Federal Trade Commission considers it important for the consumer to understand the relationship between the product reviewer and the manufacturer of the product and, hence, has made this disclosure statement a requirement by law.

If you have any questions about our affiliations, feel free to Contact us.

We look forward to being a solid resource for you to use on your dog journey.