We are K9 advocates and are on a mission to help the public find the best dog products.

Is the dog product industry bursting at the seams with unnecessary and often times incredibly overpriced products? Perhaps it is. Nevertheless, we love our dogs and want the best for them in every possible way.

Pet food is roughly a $25 Billion /yr industry. As with most ‘big business’, pet food is rife with scandals and misinformation.

However, American consumers have become much more active in verifying ingredients used in their potential dog food choice.

One of the issues that we take head-on is precisely the issue dog food. What exactly are the ingredients? What ingredients should be on your radar to stay away from? What is the healthiest type of dog food for Fido? What’s the best dog food that I can buy that won’t bankrupt me? We dive deep into all of these questions and more.

We are not dog whisperers. We are by no means experts in dog training or dog health. However, we are excellent researchers.

Whether you simply want to find a dog toy that will last, a phenomenal dog collar and or leash, or common potty training tips and tricks, it’s our intention to provide helpful and important information to solve your inquiry.